I PHONE PHOTOS 11-13 197Trail Blazers Marketing Inc was founded in March of 2012. At the time, there wasn’t much to our small little firm, just a few ambitious people and a dream. Our dream was to become the face-to-face sales force for fortune 100 companies. Through hard work and determination we were able to convince Comcast Business that we could provide them with a professional, highly trained, sales force that would represent their company with honesty and¬†integrity. After all, the biggest fear any company has is a bad reputation. This was a leap of faith for Comcast Business, but we have shown them through over 100,000 interactions with customers that we are a sure bet. Our small team of dreamers has grown to a large staff of over 30 employees. We have come through for our clients in a big way and they have asked us to do even more this next year.

We recently were given the opportunity to cover the Seattle and Salt Lake markets for Comcast Business as well as Portland. This has us looking to open permanent locations in both those cities as soon as we possibly can. Comcast Business operates in 39 states and with the results we have shown so far, it is our goal to become the only vendor authorized to represent Comcast Business in all 39 states. This will not be easy, nor will it happen overnight. We will achieve this through hard work and determination, but we will not sacrifice our ethics, values, or beliefs along the way.

Trail Blazer Marketing Inc is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Beaverton, OR